Team Velonerd represents at the 24 hours of adrenaline Laguna Seca!

Team Velonerd had a great 24hrs of Adrenaline at Laguna Seca, CA this weekend (Click on the team picture above for a gallery of photos). We tried a slightly new format with double laps for the first two rotations and then single laps after that. This gave us nice long breaks between laps and the ability to do our 2nd lap already warmed up. It didn't seem to affect our lap times adversely and I'm sure there'll be lively discussion on the team list about what we're going to do next time. I found the new format much better and had great double laps. My night time riding continues to not be affected by the lack of being able to see where I'm going (As Keanu said in 'Point Break' "Vision is highly over rated") and I turned in my fastest ever lap time on my first night lap. Riding up the fire road by the light from the full moon was awesome. My Dark..Ends light system didn't let me down after over 7 years of great service, although I was impressed with everyone else's HID ($$ CHA CHING $$) systems. Jun wins the fastest lap time with an amazing 50 minute lap! Steve kicked butt racing the whole race on his 29" singlespeed niner and Jewel put in steady laptimes the whole race through. We had a new team member this year and Carlos did great, from an awesome run, to I think his fastest team lap time on his 5th lap and he made brownies and cookies too, what team spirit!