Race Face isis turbine lp cranks

So what's wrong with this picture....

Not content with laughing as Carlos' crank fell off on our last cursed ride I decided to one-up him and just snap the bloody thing off.

So there I was innocently Just Riding Along minding my own business up a slightly steep but not awful hill (on a trail which is to now be forever called 'poop chute' what an awesome name for a trail, thanks Nicole!). Blam-o it felt like my foot slipped out of my pedal but when I went to clip back in my foot felt a little heavier and my pedal wasn't where it was supposed to be (well I guess it was since I was still clipped into it).

Let's wait and see how Race Face are on this warranty issue, I've had bad luck with them in the past. They refused to warranty a next lp crank that broke in a similar fashion, although the carbon fibres held that to the crank arm, but they did give me a crash replacement on it. They also failed to warranty a XY seat post that snapped as well :(

I'll admit I kinda crank hard on them since I never use my granny gear, but that's likely not the cause and I can't even think of a time when I've bashed them good enough to do any damage.
I really hope they have spares, since none of their new cranks take 5 bolt rings.