Big Basin road(ish) ride

Jun and I kind of went on a road ride, we rode up to Big Basin and through the park on Gazos Creek trail and then down hwy 1 back into Santa Cruz.

It was 69 miles with about 6K ascent/descent. My first ever metric century.

The temperatures were very varied, it was especially cold in some of the valley descents but very pleasant riding along hwy 1.

We got a little lost over by lockheed looking for Little Basin Rd which shows on the syndicated google maps (like gmap-pedometer uses) but not on the official google maps. Either way it doesn't exist so we had to backtrack a little down Jamison Creek Rd and ride all the way back up around to big basin. At least the men in black didn't show up and there were no black helicopters (they must be invisible helicopters now).

When we got to the park there were 3 very, very lonely rangers there, all sat around the fire with no one to 'range'. While I was waiting for Jun, he was inside with his shoes off toasting his socks on the fire talking to the rangers. We rode down Gazos Creek trail which was a really nice fire road. We were both on our commuter bikes so this suited us just fine. We had our GPS' which we had loaded with track logs so we really only needed to follow the little dots on the screen.

The ride down hwy 1 was a lot longer than expected and even though we
were going south, which everyone knows is ALWAYS downhill, it wasn't as downhill as it's southerly direction indicated. At least there wasn't a headwind too. I only started bonking hard just after davenport with 4 miles to go, 2 fruit leathers and a cliff bar later and some water and I managed to trundle to the car and some slices at
pleasure pizza.