Whiskeytown 9-5

Several VeloNerds and associates went to the Whiskeytown 8 hr race this weekend and it was a HUGE success, so awesome.


DJ: 8 laps (2nd place!)
Me: 7 laps (4th place)
Nicole: 6 laps
Ben: 6 laps (riding with Nicole)
Sophie: 5 laps
Geo: 5 laps (3rd in clydesdale)

2 of Nicole's laps didn't get counted since she didn't go through the transition so Sophie got 1st and Nicole 2nd

the course was awesome (9.5miles approx), kinda like riding at Boggs, a great mix of single track, technical and climbing and some fire roads. The overall feeling of the race was just like racing should be, very friendly and supportive really cool. Must do again. Also heard of a 8 hrs of Boggs that's in March.