SDG - kicks ass

SDG makes bike seats and other things. Along with having a kickass name, SDG means Speed Defies Gravity, they also appear to look after their customers. It was purely by accident that I ended up with one of the best saddles I've ever had. When I got my custom Merlin frame (2nd hand so not really custom at that point...) I tricked it out with a Giro Fizzik saddle and went for a double lap around Foxboro, MA and by the end of it I was pretty close to peeing blood. Oh man, it hurt. I sent it back to Cambria Bike and they looked after me like they always do and I asked for the SDG Ventura in silver glitter. It was pimpin' and I never felt like I was peeing blood after riding it.
That was 10 years ago, since then I've only found one other for sale, a SDG Ventura Ti with titanium rails and I've been moving the saddles around between my bikes since then. My non titanium SDG saddle suited me just fine through at least eight 24 hr races (on a team) and my first ever solo 8 hr race with no problems at all. I've sired a daughter so no worries on that front either. Just recently the rails have looked a little bent. But it was still comfortable and I wasn't surprised. I had it WAY back on the rails even with a Easton post which has a little layback. I used to have a Race Face XY seat post, but that broke (it was sucky Race Face after all, of course they wouldn't warranty it even thought it was less than 1 year old, never, ever buy Race Face).
On Monday it broke, just after landing a jump the rail snapped. No biggie it was still pretty ride-able for the rest of the climb and one more descent. It'd had a good life and I still had my Ti Railed one. Every now and again I search for SDG ventura to see if I can find one, hopefully a glittery one, but I never have any luck. I sure got my money out of it, I'm fairly sure that over the last 10 years I must have ridden over 10,000 miles on it.
I fired a quick email off to SDG to let them know that I'd had a good run with it, and to ask on the off chance if they had any spare rails that might fit. They quickly replied asking me to send in my seat and, no promises, but they'll see what they can do! I was so stoked, so I wanted to post here and let y'all know you can count on SDG to at least try. After my recent terrible experience with Race Face it was so nice to find a company willing to try and help. Even if they don't manage to hook me up, I'm sure my next saddle will be from SDG, perhaps even a fancy ibeam jobby.

UPDATE: SDG delivers great service! they fixed my saddle and mailed it back to me, cost me nothing! Keep buying SDG equipment folks, they rock! Also heard of them doing the same for Jun when he broke his saddle. I'm delighted.