The Best Wilder Loop Evar

Here's a snippet of the Wilder Ranch part of our route from the Santa Cruz Off-Road Metric Century we did. I'm posting it here since I think it's the best loop you can do in Wilder and hope people like it. This route starts at the bottom of Old Cabin, how you get there is up to you, from the parking lot you can head up Englesman Loop, from the top/Twin Gates you can come down long meadow.
  • up old cabin
  • down rodrigo (eucalyptus loop)
  • to top of enchanted
  • down baldwin singletrack
  • eagle cutoff
  • up baldwin fire road
  • down enchanted
  • up enchanted fire road
  • down zane grey cutoff
  • dairyman (wilder loop)
  • up twin oaks
  • up rodrigo
  • down old cabin
That should be around 16 miles.
More resources are here: