old parts suck

It all started off so easily. The old bike wouldn't shift. Turns out the shifter pod was busted, likely a teeny little spring on the pawl died. Luckily I had a spare set of shifter/brake lever combos but they were 8 speed, the bike is/was 7 speed. So I put on the levers, I changed the wheel to a new/old wheel that can take an 8 speed cassette. Then I put on a new chain too and re-threaded all the cables. Then I found out the new levers were for v-brakes and the old bike had canti's, had, now it has some left over v-brakes. In summary: a broken shifter == new shifter/levers, wheel, cassette, chain, v-brakes, brake cable. When I was all done and adjusting the chain length, I found the front shifter was also broken! but screw it, I'll fix that another day.