2009 Races/Rides

Here's some of the races we're planning on attending this year. Make sure to look out for us in our shirts and ties with propellers on our helmets!

Sat March 28th 2009
Boggs 8 hr (registration is full)
Sat May 2nd 2009
Coolest 8/24
Sat May 16th 2009
100 miles around lake Sonoma
Sat June 6th 2009
24 hours of adrenaline (we're not racing this one)
Sat June 20th 2009
Coolest II Boggs 8/24
Sat July 25th
Santa Cruz Mountains Challenge (WARNING: ROAD RIDE)
Sat Oct 3rd 2009
Whiskeytown 9 to 5, Whiskeytown Lake

Other races that aren't scheduled yet:
The Santa Cruz Off-Road Metric Century (April,July?)

Other races we might do (mostly TeamBigFoot):
12 Hours of Weaverville, Weaverville
12 Hours of Humboldt, Arcata
Clikapudi Six to Midnight, Shasta Lake
24 Hours of Whiskeytown , Whiskeytown Lake