Boggs IV

The Velonerds were at Boggs IV this year and had a blast.

Bob, Nicole and I all drove up and had a great day's racing. Nicole came in 1st in women's Sport and says this is the last time she's racing sport, she's moving up to expert for the next race! Bob came in 5th in EXPERT (only 5 mins from the podium)! kicking ass and breaking 3 bones in his back in the process. I still had flu but didn't come in dfl. Jessica, Dan and Birdsong were also there ripping it up and lots of our friends from Sac. and around.

Bob's back? I hear you ask!? Here's how he describes it:
I hit a tree or two after overcooking a downhill turn just after cresting the last climb. I only had about 2 miles of downhill & rolling trails to finish my last lap. I was so jacked up on adrenaline, endorphins and my final bottle full of flat Pepsi that I had no idea what was going on. I'll go see a doc around here this week to see how soon I can get back on the bike. I would really like to hold onto my fitness.

Here's the list of injuries
  • 3 fractured spinal transverse processes (bones that come of of the vertebrae) When my muscles contracted hard to protect other parts they ended up fracturing the bone.
  • Sprained and bruised shoulder - rotator cuff
  • Rib contusion
  • Chest contusion with pulmonary contusion
  • Bruised ego