3" PVC pipe makes a great bottle holder

https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/img/b/R29vZ2xl/AVvXsEji91CVWmEAx32m-TyVnr6U3Gq7dsdnx4aWJ1cVlTRZeBw8WR2Rxqxn3SBpAISG7pbEZ4PS_fmMYalVsxf0d8yzvwXE65JoQCJD4CbI7Ai9M7OQ4J9GfBXwCqeg1G3Kfu4ZaX7B3Q/s288/IMG_9394.JPGI drink a lot of water after a ride and my car doesn't have enough cup holders for them all. I've been keeping my bottles in the pocket behind the drivers seat but they fall over and end up dripping back there and it's a mess. I got 1ft of 3" PVC pipe and cut it into three 4" sections and hot glued them together, this stuck into the seat pocket holds water bottles perfectly. There's more pictures of this in the gallery. Also check out my Camelbak opener.