Turkey Day Ride!

We posted the flyer, we might as well post the pictures! We all met at Epicenter Cycling at 8:00AM sharp and some of us enjoyed the free coffee and I picked up my daughter's Christmas present (ssshhhhh, don't tell her!) and we began the climb up to sand point.

It was literally freezing cold on the climb up, frozen water on the puddles and condensing breath as we hoofed the 9 miles to the top. We were rewarded with crystal clear views of the Monterey Bay and the beautiful woods below.

On the way up we saw a few groups of people who had made it up to the top even earlier and were on their way down, some in fancy dress, one with a huge turkey head on her helmet.

The pot luck part of the ride was well represented. Shawn provided turkey sandwiches and Daryl brought a party platter. Some genius brought chocolate chip cookies which went down great.

As you can see there was quite the crowd and we even picked up some more people who just happened to be riding by.

The ride down was much less cold and lots of fun. A great event, the best annual Epicenter Cycling turkey ride ever!

Looking forward to next year!